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My Journey in UX/UI Design and Front-End Development

I'm Joshua Briley. My passion lies in bridging the gap between design and technical implementation, particularly in the realm of web applications. My work is characterized by a commitment to creating interfaces that are not just user-friendly and accessible, but are also crafted with the intricacies of front-end development in mind. Below are projects that epitomize my approach to marrying design with functionality in web application development.

Featured Projects

  • Enhancing Digital Experiences at America’s Test Kitchen

    Collaboratively enhancing the web application for a seamless digital culinary journey.

  • Revolutionizing with a Tailored Design System

    Developing a custom design system that serves the complex needs of a web application, ensuring a cohesive brand and user experience.

  • Logatot: Streamlining Childcare Management

    Implementing innovative voice-based event logging within the web application to facilitate easier daily management for childcare providers.system appliation.