Joshua Briley
UI Designer & Front End Dev

PGA Bracket Challenge

PGA Bracket Challenge

PGA Bracket Challenge


The PGA wanted a simple, intuitive interface that made it easy for their fans to make bracket selections and share results with friends.

My Role

UI Designer and Front End Developer

Creative Process

This project was all about modular design, as there were numerous repeating components in varying states. Each player, and roster slot was a repeating element that could be within a roster group. The bracket lines were a fun challenge of :before and :after content, and I enjoyed replicating some material design button elements without using the canvas element.

Project Duration

Design and development cycle was 6 weeks.

Design Challenges

One of the interesting design challenges on this project was laying out a dynamic bracket that could be printed on a standard sheet of printer paper. There was the assumption that once bracket picks were made, that users would want to print the information. A simple print style sheet yielded too much variability in the output, so we decided on a dynamic PDF version that would be generated by Rails.

Challenge Resolution

Print Bracket Layout - assumes that a user’s bracket has been filled.

Business Result

Continued satisfaction with products delivered by Sports Technologies, LLC. Future projects in planning, and modifications/upgrades to existing projects currently in development.

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