Joshua Briley
UI Designer & Front End Dev

NASCAR Fantasy Front

NASCAR Fantasy Front NASCAR Fantasy Front

NASCAR Fantasy Front

Objective was changing from a very dark, skuemorphic style, to a modern sleek, editorial design and needed help converting their fantasy games to follow suit. A secondary objective was to improve performance on their fully responsive app.

My Role

Primary designer on complete redesign of their fully responsive fantasy landing pages. Also, find and fix performance improvements opportunities within the site.

Creative Process

This project redesign started with a style guide provided by NASCAR, but they were very open to suggestion. One of the main usability concerns of the old style was that users were faced with questions like “where do I start?”, and “what am I supposed to do next?” This information was provided by internal NASCAR usability studies, and was confirmed to be an issue within Sports Technologies, as well. So, the main goal in the creative process was finding ways to simplify the layout. Two of the primary tools for accomplishing this were whitespace and color consistency. Moving from a very dense layout, where items ran together allowed me to create more of a top-down structure that made it easy for a new user of the game to figure out what to do. A hierarchy could now be seen, at a glance. The pages were much easier to scan and navigate.

Project Duration

Design and development cycle was 3 months

Design Challenge

Working with an older code base can provide multiple challenges. Working with an older code base that was created in an era where responsive design was cutting edge… well, that’s a horse of a different color. Sass selectors were buried deep, creating a compiled CSS file that was overly specific and verbose. Performance improvement opportunities were apparent and obvious, as a result. It was just a massive undertaking, considering this project was part of a multi-project rails app that shared many resources. Updating NASCAR fantasy front meant updating other projects in tandem.

Challenge Resolution

In many occurrences, specificity allowed for overwriting of some rules, and I was able to minimize a metric ton’s worth of background and inline images with more modern CSS3 techniques.

Business Result

Follow up contract awarded for NASCAR Live, NASCAR Streak, and NASCAR Chase fantasy games.

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