Joshua Briley
UI Designer & Front End Dev

Chase The Kicker

Chase The Kicker

Chase The Kicker


Design a website that helps with recruiting efforts of a college bound, high school football kicker.

My Role

Primary designer and Sass, HTML, and PHP developer. Worked with another developer who assisted with game stats data.

Creative Process

After seeing some great photography of him posted on HUDL, I purchased a few of the pics, and designed around them. The team’s uniform colors complimented the green fields beautifully, and I was able to spot sample a color scheme directly from the pictures. After a few iterations of comps, we agreed on an action-oriented, energetic layout.

Project Duration

Design and development cycle was 2 weeks.

Design Challenge

Chase was a yellow-chip recruit in high school. He knew he needed to work hard to gain the attention of college scouts. He had his eyes set on division one sports. Unfortunately, he didn’t work with coaches like Chris Saylor, or Kohl’s on a regular basis, and did not have their word of mouth support. He had to do it on his own. He needed help setting himself apart from other kickers who simply relied on their coach’s marketing platforms and HUDL to display their data. So, in his junior year of high school, we designed and built him a marketing platform.

Challenge Resolution

The challenge was more than a graphic design challenge. We had to learn camera techniques that made his kicks look more interesting. Continuous, unedited film that displayed field goal consistency from 20yds all the way back to 50yds were getting way more views than individual “long distance” field goals. The same was true for back-to-back kickoffs. We had to learn communication strategies. As opposed to regular email, we used MailChimp to see who was opening his emails, and who was following links to his website. We also tracked Youtube analytics and compared them to his website analytics. We were able to make strong assumptions on which schools were actually showing interest in Chase. We knew that if coaches were reading his emails and going to his website on a consistent basis, we would have a good shot of setting up a time to meet with the recruiting coaches for the team. We learned how to use.

Business Result

Chase received scholarship offers from Sacred Heart University in CT and Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. He was also offered preferred walk-on opportunities with Central CT State University and UCONN. He signed with UCONN at the end of his senior year.

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