Joshua Briley
UI Designer & Front End Dev



By day, I help develop large scale web applications for America's Test Kitchen in Brookline, MA. My goal is to build simple, yet blazingly fast websites using modern technologies.

I have mentored Front End Web Development and Modern Web Design students at Thinkful. I helped them establish new careers in web design and/or modernize their current skill-sets. It is a rewarding experience, and it helps me to stay current in this fast paced industry.

I am currently available for freelance design and front end development work. Contact me today to discuss your project.

Software Engineer

America's Test Kitchen Logo America's Test Kitchen


  • Front end development and architecture of content verticals
  • Front end performance optimization for Cooks Illustrated.

Designer &
Front End Dev

Sports Technologies, LLC Logo Sports Technologies, LLC


  • Design and front end development of fantasy sports apps for NFL, NASCAR, MLS, PGA, NHL and other professional sporting organizations.
  • Increased team organization and consistency by developing SOPs and project workflow documents.
  • Helped save $2500 on internal product branding by introducing LEAN marketing strategies.

Designer &
Front End Dev

ImageWorks, LLC Logo ImageWorks, LLC


  • Strategized and implemented systems that decreased design and front end development time by more than 70%.
  • Implemented Lunch-and-Learn Friday to train staff on standards based front end development techniques.
  • Designed and developed projects featured on The Food Network and Hartford Business Journal.

Designer &
Front End Dev

Para-Diddle Design, LLC Logo Para-Diddle Design, LLC


  • Responsible for vision, budgeting, marketing/sales and other administrative tasks.
  • Educated local business networking communities on conversion oriented design principles.
  • Increased productivity by training staff on efficient coding and workflow practices.